Monday, December 31, 2007

ALBUMS - My Great and Crap of 2007


Justin Currie – What Is Love For?
Quite possibly, my favourite album of 2007. Ignorance only pidgeon holes Justin as the sideburn wearing leadman of Del Amitri but that would be neglecting what a great songwriter he is, what underated vocals he has and what an outstanding twisted lyricist the man is. Few write better lyrics, especially about his take on love, life and relationships.
What Is Love For could almost be John Lennon’s unwritten album musically , it contains several stand out songs of beauty but listen to those lyrics which rip into his take of love and experiences and all rounded off by the 7 minute rantathon on the UK in 2007 that is No, Surrender (listen to that track on his my space website
Fantastic stuff.

Super Furry Animals – Hey Venus!
So ironic that get experimental whilst with Sony and now, at Rough Trade, they provide their most melodic album since Radiator. I love SFA, I love this album.

Athlete – Beyond The Neighbourhood
Glorious album, brilliant song and one which should have caused a massive public stir for them but it’s largely failed to do that. Those who have heard it will know how great it is musically, those who haven’t are missing a gem.

Manic Street Preachers – Send in the Tigers
Far from their greatest but undoubtedly their best for a very long time. Stripped down, rocked up, great tunes. What the Manics do best.

Modest Mouse – We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sink
Johnny Marr or gee-tar and a fantastic album of great sounds and songs. Massive hit in US, even though it’s hardly AOR or MOR fayre, but another that slipped under the radar in UK.
Kings of Leon - Because of the Times
The Southern Strokes have now surpassed The Strokes. Three albums in and they continue to get better and better. On Call must be a contending for the best rock single of the year, so atmospheric.

Air Traffic – Fractured
Whoever thought Bournemouth would spawn a promising indie band but Air Traffic have a highly listenable album and can only get better ... I hope. Well worth checking out if you've not yet heard them.

Lemonheads – The Lemonheads
I love Evan Dando’s country drawl, I love his jangly guitars and I love his continual slices of fantastic 3 minute or less pop rock songs. Resurrecting the Lemonheads name, this album didn’t disappoint in the slightest and stands comparison with his early work. To top it all, a suitably brilliant and typically disorganised Cardiff gig too where he played song after song with no apparent running order.

Silversun Pickups – Canavaras
Fantastic layered Californian melodic rocking. Only too sorry I missed their gig in Cardiff this year but can't wait for their next release.

Foo Fighters – Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace
Dave Grohl and the Foos always do what is says on the tin, they seem to be the House Band for Rocking The UK and know they’ve hit on a winning formula. Another brilliant listen of an album and a Foo-kin' outstanding gig in Cardiff in October to boot.

Muse – Black Holes and Revelations
Have to confess I couldn't get into them for a long time even though I own their early material but I've got to love them over the past year or two. Thoroughly enjoyed their latest offering.

Datarock – Datarock
And now for something completely different. A strange album with twists and turns of style in each song from Norwegian robot-rockers who put the dance into indie

Pigeon Detectives – Wait for Me
Hull funsters who show the Kaiser Chiefs how much they've lost their way and what a one-trick pony they were so now wear their crown.

The Editors - The End Has A Start
Don't think I'll ever rave about them but this is a pretty decent listen that's had plenty of airings in my ears.

IAN BROWN - The World Is Yours
A take it or leave it artist for me but his latest offering is one I've enjoyed more than most. Good work.

The "You're shit and you know you are"

As much as I love Jack's musicality and adore the title track, you get the feeling the wheels are coming off. If it is, it won't be the end of Jack and there's a great legacy in their material.

From Leeds and could be in decline quicker than United. Their last single was called Everything Is Average Nowadays ... everything except Kaiser Chiefs that is, they've now shit.

THE HOOSIERS - The Trick to Life
Sparks ... ahem ... without The Sparks. Two catchy singles but an album of mostly dirge.

HARD-FI - Once Upon A Time In The West
The Clash wannabees had a Mick Jones-eque first single in Suburban Knights but they failed to deliever on their second album overall.


DEVO at Shepherd's Bush Empire in June. Got back from honeymoon, unpacked then charged up to London to see Mark, Jerry, Bob 1 & 2 looking portly but as tight as ever to send the boiler suited, flower hatted, stocking faced packed Empire into singing and dancing heaven. Those boys know how to perform and put on a show and the 17 year wait to see them back here saw us fully rewarded. A night I will never forget and still smile fondly at the memory of. What a group!


Schmeicel set to stay on for longer

I love Sven Goran Eriksson.

F***s up England, serial shagger, let's us have Kasper and now looks like he's changed his mind and going to let us keep up for longer. The man can do no wrong in my eyes! :>)

Today's South Wales Echo:
Sven's new year gift to Cardiff City

Healines you thought you'd never see - MANDARIC RAEDY TO BANKROLL OFFER FOR CAPALDI !!

Well I never

Sunday, December 30, 2007

MERTHYR MAWR - for a walk mawr!

Went to Merthyr Mawr sand-dunes for an extended walk to do something about the excess pounds on my belly - on top of the excess pounds already there! - and to get the stir-crazy mutt an over runabout along with the family.

I've only been in summer before and while I love it, it can be tortuous climbing the sand hills as the ground falls away beneath you in blazing heat between wind-protected dunes. Remember when Cardiff City used this as their pre-season training base?

I wasn't sure what to be expect but one of those non-expectations was having to pay to park. £1.50 and the place was buy too with a mobile snack bar now in place.

To my surprise, the walk was much easier with the sand damp and tougher in winter and the cooler weather. So enjoyable, we walked all the way to Ogmore Beach and back, I think I struggle to get halfway in summer.

If you're bored and looking for something different to do, I'd certainly recommend it. Got a feeling I'll be back there before long too.

Loads of pics here

View photos



Lancashire Evening Post > Preston NE 1 Cardiff City 2

Sunday Mail > Ledley leads Cardiff home



Preston official site >,,10362~38812,00.html

Saturday, December 29, 2007


JOE LEDLEY celebrates his winner in front of the City faithful
(pic by Mike Morris of
CARDIFF CITY ended a year of trauma to end 2007 powering into the top half of the table - and an incredible 10 points above the relegation zone - with a show of strength and character to fight back from a half-time deficit to win 2-1 at Preston's Deepdale for the first time in 21 years and 10 visits.

The Bluebirds made one change - Hasselbaink for MacLean - and started well in the same vein when they were cruelly denied victory at Watford in midweek but were rocked to go behind on 5 minutes to a superb Simon Whalley shot. From the restart, Preston should have doubled their lead and proceeded to fail to take three or four more golden opportunities in that opening period.

City had more of the ball and looked more accomplished but showed nothing in the final third and were out of sorts at the back. They would have been relieved to get to the interval only one goal behind.

The 2nd period however was a different story. Cardiff dominated from first whistle to last and levelled matters on 53 minutes, the new cult hero Roger Johnson with a thumping header and from then on, there only seemed to be one winner with radio airwaves resounding to noise of the superb travelling City following of upto 1,500 according to Radio Wales (surely it wasn't that many?). That winner arrived on 67 as Joe Ledley showed his pace, strength, class and skill as he surged forward, could not be shaken off his run by St Leger and drove home in front of the delerious City fans.

It could and should have been more, Preston should have had a man sent off but the important fact was that City held on for a fully deserved victory which leaves the home side in the bottom three and City amazingly in 12th and just 5 points from the play-offs. When you think of those 90th minute equalisers against us (at least 3 in the league) and last minute penalty misses, we could have been there despite our poor form and results.

Next up is a New Year's Day shoot out with high flying Plymouth - a test that will really show if we are capable of climbing higher or not.

Until then, HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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Was around Cardiff Bay this morning so decided to have a nose at the new International Swimming Pool and leisure suite due to open St David's Day 2008 whose glass building has emerged on the skyline in recent months, the Empire Pool finally being replaced almost a decade after being demolished.

The photos are taken outside through the glass which was quite dirty so apologies for glare but discovered that the building is divided into two halves - a formal swimming pool half (with three parallel pools) and a leisure pool half with 3 large slides and other features. I believe a gym and other leisure facilities are on site but there were not visible from the exterior.

3 days to the transfer window and Ridsdale says Ledley is not for sale ...

... so now I'm worried.

I'm touched by his assurance that he's not for sale until the end of the season. Wonderful!

Echo story
CARDIFF City’s clear message on midfield dynamo Joe Ledley is: “He ...


And, no, it wasn't a rare sighting of Jason Byrne or Robbie Fowler challenging for a header ... as if!

Friday, December 28, 2007


They used to be the January sales, now they start before Christmas. They used to be a genuine sale, now it's a retail opportunity to fleece us. I am so cynical about them.
Does anyone really enjoy them or get anything worthwhile in them anymore?
Had the misfortune of being dragged around town (Cardiff) with the family today. Don't think I saw any worthwhile bargain in any shop and nothing you can't get for cheaper on-line.
Sale stock is largely tat nobody wants and increasingly, stock they've put out especially for the sale that wasn't in the shops anyway pre-Xmas. Suppose you can get some clothing deals but nothing to get excited about. Yet, despite heavy rain, the place was packed out with lost souls and the tills were ringing and with queues too. We are mugs!
It ended up costing me as I took the family to lunch. As much as ever and without discount of course!

Video of Chasetown's ground being prepared for Cardiff visit ... including boarding up! :>) way-at-chasetown/


The unjust Wolves ban on Cardiff City which caused them so much scorn last season was widely expected to lifted but doubts have surfaced over the week.

Despite Cardiff playing at West Brom in 3 weeks with no restrictions using the same West Midlands Police, they have been coy about City's Molineux visit in April. It would appear that City's visit will be a "bubble" coach only trip but there is talk of that coming with even greater restrictions or with the ban remaining.

This statement by Wolves eccentric chairman Jez Moxey is as clear as the sea off Barry Island.



Calamity Robbie makes the news again for the wrong reasons. The superstar signed by Cardiff City to great excitement in the summer who has never attained full fitness, looked bulky and struggled immensely to make an impression is hardly ever available for his £15k (or is it £25k) weekly wages and is off abroad for more treatment.

This time, according to today's Echo, he's heading stateside for an ankle op. This follows last month's reported trip to Germany for hip injections. The player is said to be gutted and determind to prove himself, rumours of retirement have rarely gone away and his career, fitnees and ability appear to be in decline and fans have probably now had enough of the Robbie Fowler Circus. It was always a gamble and I'm afraid it appears to have badly failed but at a significant cost to Cardiff City Football Club.

We can only hope we see more of Fowler in the second half of the season and he shows what a talent he once was. I got a horrible feeling however that we won't get that at all.

Echo Story

A good Fowler at City appraisal by Sleeping Giant website

McPhail Aims For The Top 8

While I do wish players, manager and club would refrain from making claims or promises - you'd think they'd have learned a lesson this season - is it only me scratching my head over why McPhail has ambitions of a Top 8 placing?

Surely, if he has aims to get that high, he has to talk of a play-off spot which, in my view, is equally silly but hey ho, I'm sure I'll set a silly New Year resolution to get my 1980's figure back which is just as unachieveable! c/2007/12/28/early-resolution-from-city-s-mcphail-91466-2029 1774/


Cardiff's annual Calennig has a treat this year.

The Free Family Family to celebrate New Year has a number of events for for the muso's amongst us, the highlights surely are GENO WASHINGTON and HIS RAMJAM band followed by British Ska legends BAD MANNERS featuring, of course, Buster Bloodvessel.

Full details here:



As most of us head back to work feeling groogy and/or with enlarged bellies from the Festive delge of food and ales, a few strectching exercises to be carried out at your desk to break you back into work.

Try it at your desk tomorrow ... or better still, get one of the girls to demonstrate for you first.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Watford vs City media match reports

Championship: WATFORD 2 CARDIFF CITY 2 (we wuz robbed report)


De Merit 49, McAnuff 95

Johnson 34, Whittingham 56

City celebrate going 2-1 ahead

Pic from away end by Mike Morris of

CARDIFF CITY choked and were sickened - and it wasn't on their turkey - as they allowed Watford to equalise in the final seconds in the firth minute of added time when only three minutes were displayed - when ex-City man Jobi McAnuff an oh so lucky point saver in a game which The Bluebirds fully deserved to win having comprehensively outplayed the league leaders on their own patch but failed to make it sufficiently count.

Players are far too well paid for what they do and part of the job has to be several games over holiday periods when better crowds can attend but spare a thought for them, particularly with families. Cardiff's players had to train Xmas morning, return home for lunch and then travel to Watford late afternoon for an overnight stay before this Boxing Day midday start. Roads would have been quiet but it would still have been a breakfast time start - if not earlier - for the 156 mile trip from Sloper Road to Vicarage Road and another ground that has been a bogey for Cardiff - no win since 1970 but only 8 visits since until today.

Christmas Festivities, family parties and visits plus an early work start tomorrow meant I wasn't one of the 600 travelling Bluebirds in the 17,014 crowd who were heard throughout on Radio Wales commentary but I had a good supply of ale to tuck into and savour a magnificent and memorable City display.

City made one change with Jimmy Floyd-Hasslebaink on the bench, two games in 4 days and unconvincing form playing a part, and Steve MacLean given a chance. Otherwise it was as you were as City sought their 4th win in 5 Championship games - this after 4 wins in the first 18 matches! - with Schmeicel, McNaughton-Johnson-Loovens-Capaldi, Whittingham-Rae-McPhail-Ledley, MacLean-Parry. Subs were Oakes, Blake, Hasselbaink, Purse, Ramsey,

Watford manager Ady Boothroyd and City's Dave Jones are the two longest serving Championship managers but total only 5.5 years service between them. Boothroyd, of course, took Watford to the Premiership last season and aims to get them back there next term. They are top but are stumbling Cardiff City style. Matching Cardiff's blistering start to last season, they headed the Championship by 9 points just 7 weeks ago with a strong squad but they've collapsed with only 8 points from the last 24 to head the table by 2 points only from West Brom and Brizzle Zity. Home form stinks - one point only from 5 home matches ahead of City's visit - so will they be swallowed up as we were?

The Hornets side were Lee, Doyley-DeMerit-Jackson-Stewart, Smith-O'Toole-Francis-McAnuff, King-Ellington. Subs included Matt Poom, Danny Shittu, Darius Henderson (scorer of 2 at Parc Nin) and Lionel Ainsworth on loan from Hereford where he made a big impact.

The opening few minutes were quiet, was Radio Wales' football pundit Malcolm Allen annoyingly talking about City's recent sold player - a Chris GUNTHER (Gunther? Anyone heard of him?) - with the home side pressing but Glenn Loovens and Roger Johnson seemed to be quickly in control of Ellington and King and, with that platform built and Watford looking shaky and far from fluent, Cardiff were able to push on.

Early attacks were easily repelled as City's naive tactics were high crosses and long throws, not the best way to play in Parry and MacLean, whilst corners and free-kicks could not beat the first defender.

Just after the quarter hour, ref Hegley substituted himself, with questions of whether it was injury or illness, but as unusually he hailed from the same county - Hertfordshire - where The Hornets are based, it would have been a short journey home.

City fairly dominated but, as often happens in these situations and one of the failings of the side, is that they have plenty of possession and territory without creating clear openings or shots at goal. Rae could have done better as keeper Richard Lee flapped at a corner then Ledley brought a good stop from the keeper after a clever one-two but from the resulting corner, The Bluebirds deservedly went in front with a goal that had been on the cards for a long while and very simple it was.

34 minutes - Ledley's drilled corner was powered home off the head of ROGER JOHNSON in the centre of goal just 6 yards out. That;'s the sort of goal we usually give away!

The Bluebirds pulverised the home side from the restart - Watford subbing Francis for Williamson - but again showed their lack of killer instinct with Rae, MacLean, Ledley Parry and especially Whittingham when he looked favourite to score all getting shots off in various positions but there were numerous more breaks where Cardiff let themselves down via offside, one poor pass or one pass too much.

The most one-sided imaginable, Kasper - just as last Saturday - didn't have a single save to make which tells City's dominance but only had one goal to show for complete domination and had the home side booed off for a calamitous 45 minutes where they barely put 2 passes together.

Half-Time: WATFORD 0 CITY 1

City paid the price for failing to make or take their opportunities as Watford failed found some determination, pushed Cardiff back and equalised within 4 minutes of the restart. Another simple goal after City scrambled away a couple of early crosses, Stewart hit the ball to the far post, Ellington - for the first time - rose above Loovens and his header evaded everyone allowed Captain DE MERIT to bundle into an unguarded net.

The script should dictate The Hornets would now buzz all over City and provide the Christmas Happy Ending but like an Eastenders wedding video, City had other ideas to spoilt the party as they picked up the pieces and get going again.

McNaughton tried an ambitious long range drive - I do like how City have suddenly got an appetite for shooting after hardly ever trying efforts outside the box for much of the first half of the season - then Whittingham wasted a break trying to adjust feet delaying his effort after Johnson headed him in behind the defence. However it was a temporary reprieve as 56 minutes, Cardiff were back in front.

City again broke in midfield, the ball ran to McPhail running towards the end containing City fans who played in PETER WHITTINGHAM who smashed home arrow-like 25 yards right inside the post. YESSSSS, GET IN THERE! Meantime, Malcolm Allen on Radio Wales produced a few more chuckles as he said McPhail could have switched the ball left foot to right and shot himself. McPhail switch left to right and shoot? How much Christmas booze has he had?

Watford threw on Henderson for King and the game was more end to end but Cardiff still seemed to be having the better of things and had reverted to failing to get the killer third goal. MacLean and Parry had, but didn't take, good opportunities and some farce too as MacLean produced a penalty appeal but the replacement ref must have bottled by awarding a drop ball in the penalty area?

And still the chances came for City. Parry burst away and badly challenged in the box, Allen claiming he should have gone down for the penalty - or another drop ball?? - then MacLean didn't get a shot away. Loovens couldn't quite match Johnson's efforts from a corner than a Parry piledriver brought a superb stop from Lee then the same player fired over on a for versus three break.

Cardiff were continuing to outplay their hosts as Watford had their last throw of the dice with Man Mountain Danny Shittu was thrown on as an extra striker for the final six minutes. From the restart, Shittu nearly scored within seconds, his first touch came back to him right in front of goal but he headed straight at a very grateful Schmeicel for his first save, goal apart. City reacted immediately to that change with Purse put on as an extra defender, MacLean sacrificed.

The final moments were a bombardment on City's goal but they seemed to be riding it but the replacement ref was to play a vital part. Jobi McAnuff was denied be Schmeicel in the 90th minute but just how did two minutes added time in the first half somehow last five minutes and three minutes in the second period take almost seven minutes?

Right at the death, Schmeicel made an outstanding save with his trailing leg but the resulting corner had Cardiff unable to clear, the ball found McANUFF and he lashed home through a crowd. There shouldn't have been enough time for that - Dave Jones apparently going ballistic - but City then attacked and one final chance saw Joe Ledley blocked. A great point, everyone would have been delighted with this result at midday but at 2pm, it felt like defeat and was a sickener. My sympathies go to those who then faced that 155 mile trip home, I bet it's a horrible one after that.


With the transfer window about to open, be prepared for speculation and Cardiff City's players to be talked about more than most.

Today's Scottish Daily Record talks of a two way battle between Dndee United and Aberdeen for Steven Thompson.

Normally, I'd dismiss this as pure gossip but I, sadly, think this has real legs. Aapart from City wanting to raise money and reduce the wage bill - no matter what they may say in public - Thommo is out of contract this summer.

Having become the latest of many to fall foul of Dave Jones privately - but the first to publicly speak out against him in Scottish media before Xmas - it almost seemed to be a "come and get me" plea, it's pretty obvious he won't be offered and wouldn't take a new Bluebirds contract.

Therefore, as much as we need Thommo, I bet Peter Ridsdale is quite pleased if he gets a competitive bidding situation for our man.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Media Cardiff City vs Sheffield United match reports

Daily Star
SLIDESHOW: Blades beaten by reeling Cardiff

Daily Mirror
Cardiff 1-0 Sheffield Utd

Sunday Mirror
Cardiff 1-0 Sheff Utd

Daily Mail
Cardiff's Parry stops the rot against Sheffield United

Jones - as pragmatic as ever about Gunter's departure

What it's like to be in tune with supporters eh Dave???

From today's Western Mail

"Who needs Gunter?" says McPhail

Well not quite but you have to agree with his sentiments based on Saturday's display but can City keep it going???

From today's Western Mai
Cardiff can cope with Gunter loss, says skipper McPhail

"Who needs Gunter?" says McPhail

Well not quite but you have to agree with his sentiments based on Saturday's display but can City keep it going???

From today's Western Mai
Cardiff can cope with Gunter loss, says skipper McPhail


Sunday, December 23, 2007


A sensationalistic story which appeared in today's News of the Screws as well as BBC Online.

One City fan, Steve Day, is known to have been arrested over the content of messages sent to Peter Ridsdale and it is widely believed that Jones may have had unpleasant messages - which are ridiculous for anyone to do - but certainly without genuine threat or intent.

This from a man who recently told a reporter how he would love to beat him up at a press conference - another threat that nobody took seriously - and other reporters to have shit journeys home.

OK to dish it out, is it Dave?

After all, who in their rught mind would send anyone a death threat by text and leave an indentifable traceable phone number.

Calm it down Jonesy!

Saturday, December 22, 2007



Parry 30




Someone forgot to tell Cardiff City's players the plot or was it that lightning does indeed strike twice?

A(nother) thoroughly awful week of Ninian Park lowlife reintroduced the 2007 Feelbad Factor - another an almighty 3 weeks of relative positivity. The Langston business rumbles on, Sam Hammam sues for not getting paid for his plotting against City, The deluxe new stadium has been cut back for the umpteenth time to a bland 4 stand version only slightly bigger but little better than some lower division new stadia, Warren Feeney's is back and injured with his Jack move in doubt, Robbie Fowler's always injured and is set to extend his lay-off, Thommo's red card appeal was upheld so he's out until New Year with club and player, in public, trying to smooth over the rift heightened by the player's outburst against his manager in Scottish media and Kasper Schmeicel has been told to return to Manchester City after the New Year Day game vs Plymouth which is a massive blow.

Couldn't get much worse? Oh yes it could. Black Friday gets replayed but instead of shipping off Gabbs and Ginge for a relative pittance to West Ham, this time it's Chris Gunter for a fee of upto £4M which quickly reduced to upto £3M and then upto £2M - depending on who you believe - to Spurs. A player with just 20 league starts, who wasn't rated good enough by Dave Jones to play for City until he couldn't be ignored any longer after impressing for Wales and who was on a pittance of a contract despite proving himself one of City's most influential players which the club kindly refused to review, a move that cost them a better fee too.

"It was the player's choice to go" Ridsdale blabbed as if trying to pacify us. Few would turn down a Premiership move anyway, especially to a prestigious club but what player in his right mind would even think of staying at a club where Chairman and Manager both unfairly treated him? Now we're left with Dave Jones claiming nobody else has to be sold and Peter Ridsdale claiming there may be more in a week when you strongly suspect they've been craftily inviting offers from all and sundry. It hurts and summed up so much of what is wrong with this club and why apathy is spreading towards it and its key figures.

And so an improved but still below budget crowd of 12,869. Just like last Black Friday (which was in March 2005) after those sales of Gabbs, Ginge and Kav, expectations were low trudging up Sloper Road feeling bewildered and wondering what's next to hit us. Just as then, our opponents were a strong Sheffield United side but, fantastically just as then, City put in a powerhouse display to dominate the woeful visitors throughout and grab a deserved 1-0 victory.

Last time, local boy Joe Ledley was the goal scoring hero, this time it was local lad Paul Parry, another quality goal too. Bryan Robson's Battered Blades had only the heroics of visiting slimmed down keeper Paddy Kenny making several stunning saves produced a close score line in a game where the combination of Sheffield United's awfulness and City's powerful, dominant defending meant Kasper Schmeicel didn't have a single save to make.

Two changes for City saw Tony Capaldi back in the side (a selection guaranteed not to give anyone Xmas cheer) with Gunter withdrawn from City sides until he officially signs for Spurs on Jan 1 meaning Kevin McNaughton switched back to the right in defence. Up front, Paul Parry was made temporary striker, a kick in the teeth for Steve MacLean, the only fit striker on the books who could have accompanied JFH. To accommodate this, Joe went back to left side midfield from centre, Peter Whittingham was asked to play left footed on the right a la Parry and Gavin Rae was back to reform the axis of evil with Steve McPhail! No wonder that expectations weren't great. So it read Schmeicel, McNaughton-Loovens-Johnson-Capaldi, Whittingham-McPhail-Rae-Ledley, Parry-Hasslebaink. The week's events saw Dave Jones call up Aaron Ramsey and Darcy Blake to the bench, another two kids being given little chance so far, but they were the only two outfield men not to come on in a bench that was Oakes-Blake-MacLean-Purse-Ramsey.

Sheffield United having unluckily but humourously been relegated from the Premiership by losing at home in a head to head shoot out with Wigan on the final day of last season were seen as favourites to return to the Premiership instantly, especially when assisted by the obscene parachute payments giving them a multi-millions start over other Championship clubs. However they scuppered that after getting rid of Neil Warnock by giving the manager's job to Bryan Robson. Great player but as a manager, more than capable of being a Reverse Midas and doing it yet again, his side floundering in mid-table obscurity and now just 1 place and 1 point above us in 14th. There are rumours of The Blades travelling party having an unofficial Xmas drink staying overnight at the Vale hotel. Regardless of whether that is true, the team didn't arrive at Ninian Park until almost 2:15 which is cutting it fine and didn't seem ideal preparation.

Sheffield United's side were Kenny, Bardsley-Kilgallon-Morgan-Naysmith, Carney-Montgomery-Tonge- Gillespie, Sharp-Beattie. A strong bench featured the likes of Chris Lucketti, Rob Hulse, Jon Stead and Lee Hendrie too.

The Blades had the first, and their best chance, in the opening 15 seconds as Capaldi was too easily beaten in the air, the loose ball was played in to James Beattie, the Championship's leading scorer, standing free near the penalty spot but he amazingly hooked his effort to the travelling support. City responded well and played some good football with no clear chances other than Parry firing straight at Kenny when they enjoyed another escape. Capaldi, continuing his nervous start, hooked the ball in the air on the edge of the area forcing McPhail to concede a free-kick. Played in, Billy Sharp had a free header at the far post and put wide but Schmeicel seemed to have it covered anyway. Incredible to note that Sharp, who many City fans would have liked to have seen replace Chopra in the days when we foolishly believed the club would spend some of that brilliant fee has yet to net for the Blades, other than a Carling Cup game vs Morecambe, since his £1M signature from Scunnie. Sharp? He certainly ain't.

After that bright opening, matters soon became turgid as Sheffield United showed themselves to be as poor and unspectacular as any Bryan Robson managed side and Cardiff seemed to be bogged down to that level. There was however more spark in City's side, Peter Whittingham looking the part and enjoying the change (I think the word "inconsistent" was invented just for him), the centre-halves quickly mastering Beattie and Sharp and Kevin McNaughton storming forward when he could. City were giving the Blades problems with their free-flowing front line as Parry, Ledley and Whittingham all roamed and gave us very fluid movement even if little was coming off early on.

The game needed a lift and it duly arrived with a cracker on the half-hour. More tight play in midfield, the ball fell at JFH's feet, he played into ahead where Peter Whittingham had moved into the centre then faced with two defenders and heading left to right towards the area, he played a brilliant reverse pass to set PAUL PARRY free on goal, he drive his finish under Paddy Kenny's body and legs from 12 yards. Just what the players and fans needed, an already good atmosphere lifted even more. It was Parry's 4th of the season, significantly each has proved to be a match winner.

Inspired by that superb piece of play and strike, Cardiff were now rampant and Sheffield had no answers. Straight from the restart, it was almost 2-0 as Hasselbaink broke past two defenders meeting a Rae forward block, his drilled shot sizzled across the face of goal from 18 yards but missed the far post by a foot. That was probably Hasslebaink's best shot, others were token efforts including two edge of area free-kicks which he blasted into the wall, the second one rebounding at fearsome speed into his face giving him a good smack. Deserved too for wasting those opportunities but as Mike Morris said talking to me later, why have free-kicks always got to be touched for him? Defenders have closed him down by the time of his shot, why doesn't he hit the dead ball or, better, why can't we show variation?

Whitts, meantime, was now having a stormer. Twice Kenny denied him by parrying powerful drives on the line, the second one brilliant as he somehow saw the ball come through a crowd and swerve fiercely en route. Paul Parry looped a header which Kenny took under his bar, power would have seen him grab another. The quality of City's football and movement was exciting as we made The Blades look even more ordinary than they were to the extent that even McPhail -who played very well throughout - and Rae - started very well but disappeared once more - were in charge in the middle. The half-time standing ovation was richly deserved.


Half-time entertainment, was watching a bloke strip off training kit while balancing a ball on his neck!! I do love how we all let out that ironic "w*nker" cheer when he cocked it up, the same one you do when barmaids drop and smash glasses in pub. How we love incompetency, that must be why we support the City!

The second half may have been more 50/50 in terms of territory and possession but remained 100% in favour of Cardiff for danger and shots on goal. The Blades had nothing to offer, even Capaldi was now settling into one of his best City performances while McNaughton was outstanding on the other side - my man of the match for what it's worth - and Johnson and Loovens when absolutely everything.

By the hour, a now desperate Bryan Robson has played all his cards and had nothing left. Captain Chris Morgan hobbled away to be replaced by Lucketti then, immediately after, Hulse and Hendrie, replaced Craney and Sharp. Hendrie infamously had Steve McPhail sent off when at Stoke last season, City fans reminded him they hadn't forgotten it when he was warming up all game and he came on as a true panto villain to a chorus of boos. The fact that he seemed to make mistakes every time he had the ball made it even better. Hulse and Beattie should be a partnership to be feared but they were completely anonymous, their styles and Blades were perfect for Glenn and Roger.

So we got to enjoy more City efforts at goal but they couldn't find that elusive killer second goal. Hasslebaink was shooting from anywhere and everywhere and that's roughly where his efforts ended up too. His best chance saw a header place him in front of Kenny but he reacted slowly and his shot was blocked over the bar. Whittingham was inches over with another howitzer, Parry was similar after a sizzling run and cutting across goal, Johnson and Parry forced good or great saves by Kenny who was still being taunted mercilessly for being fat by the Grange End even though he isn't anymore.

City's tenacity, flair, determination and guts was way above that of the visitors but it was nervous to enter the closing stages still at 1-0. The ref, Keith Stroud, who I thought has been excellent decided to suddenly make a prize arse off himself making a number of dubious calls and stopping play for chats when he had allowed proceedings to flow perfectly before. His worst moments then came when he booked Roger Johnson for taking a quick free-kick - why??? Then bang on 90 minutes, he gave United a highly contentious free-kick on the edge of the box as one of their men ran into Cardiff players and waited for a challenge to fall. Bardsley hammered it but, thankfully, just wide of the far post when I again suspect Kasper had it covered anyway but a scare it was.

City nearly finished in style as another flashing move down the right with Whittingham looking strong saw the ball tucked inside for Joe Ledley to dig a quality dipping effort which flew just past Kenny and his far post.
Three minutes added time and many of the minutes before saw City cheered home by the highly charged home crowd pleasantly surprised and thoroughly entertained by City's passion and drive.

It's a big win that takes City to 28 points at the season's halfway stage, a tally that looked far beyond us a month ago but 3 wins out of 4 and only 3 defeats in the last 11 has done Dave Jones and his men the world of good. At the halfway stage, City lie 15th - their best position for a very long while. It's still poor and under-performance overall but at least it's now a 6 points cushion from those relegation berths which were staring us in the face a couple of weeks ago. For those with half-full glasses, it's 7 points off the play-offs but with fears January's transfer window could see us even more decimated,better be entirely realistic. At a time when the club seem to be in a dark tunnel, it's only recent results giving us any Christmas cheer which a few of us made the most of with a few bevvies and curry into the evening. I only hope they can make it continue.

Tickets: (2)




Xmas Prezzies from shop:



Black Friday Cardiff 2007

Black Friday Cardiff 2007


Friday, December 21, 2007

WHAT A GUNT! Ridsdale sells Gunter to Spurs


Cardiff City have agreed to sell Chris Gunter to leading Premiership team, Spurs, for a fee believed to be £2M up front and worth upto £4M depending on appearences etc. City also have a sell-on clause should the player be moved in future for a greater fee.

It a week is a long time in politics, 6 weeks is incredible in football. Just 41 days ago, Chris Gunter was stood in front of me in the away end with his brother supporting City at Charlton. Dave Jones, showing his man management and pedigree, didn't want to know him so, as a City fan who used to travel with the supporters club, he wanted to be with the fans. Now he's with a quality Premiership club!

While, on the face of it, it's great business for an 18 yr old with only 20 league starts under his belt, this will hurt City fans more than other business to sell players like Chopra.

Selling off local kids is like selling the crown jewels and it heighten fears that Cardiff could also be about to lose Joe Ledley when the January transfer window opens. £4M may be a good fee but only if we see it reinvested. £5M was a great fee for Michael Chopra but when not a penny was spent on new transfers in, it may as well be nothing to Cardiff City followers.

What makes it worse is that we used to wait til summer to sell our players and Chris Gunter has been a player criminally under-rated by Dave Jones. He was the worst paid player in City's side, The Bluebirds refusing to give him a new and improved contract even when he broke through, showed international pedigree and had been a leading player in recent weeks. He was out of contract next summer. For Ridsdale and City to sell him is one thing, for them to show no intention ever to hang onto him does disgust.

Dave Jones has failed to appreciate the talent he had on his hands. He did have a poor spell earlier this season but it was ridiculous of the manager to blast Gunter in public for a gaol conceded at Norwich, when the goalkeeper Turnbull was prime culprit and supported by Jones.

It hurt Gunter that Dave Jones had ignored him for weeks whilst continuing with the inept Capaldi - who we've now got to use again. If Wales hadn't given Gunter a chance and he shone in Germany, he'd be ignored now by Jones and City. Instead it made it impossible for Jones not to play him but even when bringing him back, Jones did so with grudging public words, not support.You tell me - Spurs and Premiership attractions apart - why on earth would Gunter want to stay with City when the club and manager have barely supported him this season??? He's played and performed well despite them, not because of them.

Good Luck Chris - it's a brilliant move for you and who can blame you while this club is in complete limbo and not even I know what to think of it anymore. However, I feel cheated by Cardiff City and their behaviour and one of the best young talents we have produced being allowed to leave before we have seen much of him at all.

Because of the way Dave Jones and City have conducted themselves, this stinks and it hurts.

Cardiff City official website confirmation:,,10335~1196812,00.html

BBC story:

Sporting Life story:

Are You Up for World Orgasm Day???


A synchronised world orgasm to promote wrold peace?!?!? Heard and seen it all now.
Unfortunately, the time when the sun is furthest south our our (Wales') shortest day is 6.08am tomorrow morning. Can't imagine going for it then - either alone or with the missus - to be in tune with the world though so, at best, I'll have to be premature tonight ... so what's new?


Some great vids and live performances here from one of my cult groups.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

MORE HAMMAM CRAP, NOW HE'S SUING CARDIFF CITY (the club he loves so much!)

48 hours after Hammam's jokeathon, an open letter of nil factual substance but "Ram"-packed with emotional guff including the tear-jerking announcement that he loves the club, he's going to leave it alone and he's going to split the rest of his life between Lebanon and the US, why is nobody surprised to hear of yet another broken promise and an action the complete opposite of all that?

It would seem that City have stopped paying Sam Hammam his "wages" of £500,000 spread over 4 years. Why the **** he deserves a single penny is another argument for another day.

For now, while he may be entitled to this money, it is taking the p*ss for Hammam to expect money off Cardiff City on the one hand whilst, on the other, being a major figure (of hate) in hurting it and immersing himself in taking legal action against it and refusing to answer questions regarding ownership of Langston and visiting South Wales to try and undermine the club.

There's something quite nauseating about Hammam wanting a current £100k when all his work is aginst Cardiff City, not in assistance of it. All that money for visits and walks in Nelson to see the one (or two) people still willing to give the self-confessed buffoon the time of day. No wonder he's finding it so hard to let go.

Echo story:


It took nearly a week and a half to organise but, finally, it is confirmed that City's FA Cup 3rd Round tie at Chasetown will go ahead at the 'non-leaguer's' ground but with a Saturday 1pm kick-off.

Attendance will be 2,000 capacity, it is believe City will get upto 500 tickets although it could be as low as 300.

However City organise priorities for allocation, there's going to be more losers than winners. I think I'll make plans for something alternater to do!

Chasetown website:

BBC story:

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

COUNTY BOUNTY (Cewnty Bewtny!) - NEWPORT beat THE JACKS to set up poss Cardiff clash

Yes, they really are trying
to win a bowling ball !!!

In tonight's quarter-final of the world's most meaningless cup aka The FAW Premier Cup, a shock as Newport County overcame League One leaders Swansea City 1-0 fielded a largely reserve but still strong side.

The largely uneventful clash, where Swans had the first half chances and Newport dominated the second period without creating much, was decided in the final moments of added time when Charlie Griffin headed home off the underside of the bar.

County will travel to face the winners of the Welshpool v Cardiff City tie, the Bluebirds date to visit mid-Wales in the second week of January.

Should City triumph, it would mean a return visit to Ninian Park for several ex-Bluebirds including Jason Bowen, Lee Jarman and Damon Searles who all played 90 minutes against The Jacks tonight.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Porn Ain't What It Used To Be

The Football League Supporters Survey 2008

Something to do next coffee break if you wish.

The Kids Aren't Alright?

I knew it, I knew it, I knew it.

The topsy turvy nature of Cardiff City's status and financial position seems to have more mood swings than the average wife but after the court case was deferred, we'll go to administration if it is, no we won't it's a good thing, everything should be ok stories of the past week now sees the club dropping hints via The Echo of a possible January sale of one star youngster.

Could it be Ledley, Gunter or Ramsey - could be be two or all of them?

Couldn't we win at Chasetown and get Man United away in the Cup?

These stories will run and run with the transfer window about to open but it does suggest strongly that Cardiff are looking to sell if the right offer comes along. Bloody hell, we can't even wait until summer to do this anymore!

South Wales Echo story
Two weeks to shape Cardiff's destiny

Led Zeppelin on way to Cardiff??

Not my thing but I'm sure it would sell.

Led Zeppelin In Talks To Play Cardiff's Millennium Stadium

Thommo Red Card Appeal Fails

Think it was only to be expected. Some refs may well have given yellow only but anyone who saw the incident on tv cannot really deny Thommo's challenge on the Wurzle keeper last weekend was reckless, needless and, most of all, plain stupid.

The red card appeal being declined seemed somewhat inevitable but it leaves Dave Jones and Cardiff City with a headache now that Thommo will be absent for our final 3 league games of 2007. The options seems to be whether to partner Robbie Fowler or Steve MacLean with JFH. We can only hope they show more than they have so far.

BBC Story
Cardiff lose Thompson card appeal


How Hammam thought yesterday's gibberish was going to make everything alright and get people loving him again - it's far too late for that Mr Hammam - goes to show how isolated and deluded the man has become.

Hammam could have gone with dignity, pride and grateful thanks but instead his bittersweet times with the club are simply bitter.

Go and enjoy your retirement Hammam, your time with your family and your new life abroad - in fact, anything you like as long as, once and for all, you stop interfering with and affecting Cardiff City.

His refusal to give any answers to the most basic questions underlines why he will never be trusted again. He can cry all the crocodile tears he likes about fans turning against him and not liking him but the fact always will be, Hammam brought all of this onto himself.

When Hammam says this could all be sorted in January, I for one won't be holding my breath but I hope it's right. If Hammam told me it was sunny, I'd get a coat and scarf.

From today's Western Mail
Sam's letter simply offers no answers, says Ridsdale

Feeney back at Cardiff but will Swansea buy? (please!)

Injured at work?

Phone Claims Direct on 0800-999999

Warren Feeney, who has impressed and scored goals at loan at League One table toppers Swansea, after a barren period at Cardiff where he instantly struck as a misfit and inappropropiate Championship signing, is back at Ninian Park for treatment on a severe ankle injury which may see him absent for upto 4 weeks.

Fortunately, initial fears of a broken leg or ankle sustained in an early nasty challenge with Feeney playing for the Jacks at home to Southend after he has opened the scoring and made himself Swansea's top scorer so far this season, were allayed.

However Feeney will obviously be unfit when the transfer window opens in 14 days but it is believed City and Swans have already held talks which will continue over a permanent transfer.

One possible hurdle to overcome was Dave Jones and Peter Ridsdale's award of a high salaried contract to Feeney - why? - which still has over 18 months to run. It is likely Cardiff will continue to pay a share of his wage or will have to reach a settlement figure with the player to make the deal take place.

For the sake of player and both clubs, let's hope a deal takes place as Feeney may have proved himself limited for City and the Championship but good enough for Swansea and League One and he is a honest trier if nothing else.


Monday, December 17, 2007

My Gut Feeling About Hammam's Latest Announcement

Gutted as you can see from this link!

If only Hammam would keep his word and a promise for one bloody time!!


Yeah, yeah, yeah, heard it all before. Lost count of the times he's said one thing then done another. It's all melodramatic panto with him but, thankfully, it just don't work anymore.

Three interesting reads from today's Echo, Hammam's is comedy gold but when will he realise people laugh at him thse days, not laugh with him and are very angry and fed up too?

Hammam's Flowery Just Words & No Content Proclamation
‘I want to stress I never want City back’

Echo sums it up well
SAM Hammam’s reply leaves too many questions unanswered.


Almost a week on from that fantastic win at Port Vale, Chasetown - the lowest ranked team ever to make FA Cup Round 3 - are still in discussion to resolve where, when at what time to play their tie against the Bluebirds.

However news emerges this evening that it is most likely to be at their 1,500 capacity ground - with just 300 Bluebirds fans - albeit with an early kick-off.

For all sorts of reasons, I personally hope it is. It is their special day and that must come before anything else.

Chasetown FC website

BBC latest story

THOMMO - And now, the end is near ... has he faced his final curtain??

What a wild weekend for Thommo.
City are appealing against his red card in Wurzleland, some refs may give yellow but his challenge on the Bristol City keeper was both stupid and reckless. As if that's not enough, he compounds it with a media interview to the Scottish press bemoaning Dave Jones and his recent experiences at City. Just as things looked more settled, here's another needless turbulent episode at Ninian Park.

I don't think Dave Jones has managed Thommo well or given him much credit. He may well be embarrassed that, having transfer listed Thommo at the end of last season that he now has to turn to him to rescue City and himself.

However what is surprising is the timing of all this. Thommo, noticeably fiiter and hungrier, appears to be not taken kindly to Dave Jones praising the City backroom staff for turning the "Thommo-hawk" around without any priase for the player himself. It is six of one, half dozen of the other.

However Thommo managed to keep his mouth shut for so long, when the club looked after him while injured and even when fit again but being overlooked. Now he gets a run of game and goals, his timing seems awful.

Bt, hey, hang on, is there method to his madness? The transfer window opens in 2 weeks, Thommo;s red card means he won't play for City again until then. Coincidence of course(?!?) but, amazingly, some City fans want praise Thommo for lashing out. You'll have to excuse me if I stop well short of that. Are they mad or what?

The Scottish Herald article/interview.

Western Mail follow up coverage

Saturday, December 15, 2007


Variable quality but here you are

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eI'm no fan of rugby and can't really say UI veen have a passing interest in the game these days ... even if I like Wales to do well no matter what the sport.

However, Paris' Stade Francais came to visit Cardiff Blues this weekend and gave Gay Paree a new dimension with that shocking pink kit of theirs.

Scary, truly scary.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Video of Blackpool 0 CARDIFF CITY 1 (loving Thommo's winner!),,12555~1189524,00.html


What an occasion that will be, I'd better start saving!!!

Frank Warrens' website


Can they make things anymore confusing?

This time last week, Peter Ridsdale was forewarning the media that any del;ay from the initially scheduled December 10 hearing would be worse than losing the case and hinted at administration.

Then it was put back to January and again to March nd the BBC stry below confirms Ridsdale is glad to learn that!

I've given up ... for now ... trying to work out the mind games and politics being rolled out here.

Chasetown Cup game venue and date still to be resolved

Not for the first time. West Midlands police panic at the thought of a Cardiff City ... even when we can only take a maxium of 500 fans to Chasetown.

The non-leaguers want to play at their home ground - and I hope they do, they deserve that - but police have fears since Walsall are home to Millwall of all clubs less than 10 miles away and Wolves are home too.

Discussion continue tomorrow but more on story here.


From LA Weekly, this 8 page on-line article together with YouTube links to some classic Devo moments and more is a superb read. Best of all, for me anyway, comes news they're in a studio and working on a possible new album after 18 years.

Grab a cuppa and enjoy



I could have told you that ages ago!! ;>)

Nevertheless, an obvious development regardless of the current unhealthy state of play at the club. (Click link for full story)

Hammam not welcome back at Cardiff City There is no place for Sam Hammam at Welsh Cardiff City. Not through company Langston, not through any means. The former club chairman will retain the "former" portion of his title.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Bluebirds to CHASE F.A. Cup glory

Cardiff will have to travel to Chasetown, near Walsall, in FA Cup Round Three after the Black Country side caused a major shock to beat bottom of League One Port Vale in tonight's replay.

The giantkillers - in effect, 7 divisions below City and also below the likes of Merthyr and Newport - had a 'smash and grab' winner 2 minutes from time which was doubly sickening for Vales whose Luke Rodgers amazingly missed two penalties in little more than 5 minutes in the second half.



Thommo celebrates a magical winner

What relegation worries???

Cardiff City get 4 wins all season in the league and now get 2 at once - the first time The Bluebirds have enjoyed back to back league wins in more than 10 months - and yet another bogey laid to rest as this was City's first win at Bloomfield Road since 1968. City's last 18 visits in the intervening 39 years produced just 3 draws and 15 defeats!

Tonight, City started well and scored an absolute cracker. Thommo smashing high into the net from 25 yards.

However Cardiff failed to build on that and what followed was a resilient rather than spectacular performance with a bit of overdue luck helping too. Schmeicel made a couple of strong saves, some of the defending was desparate, mistakes weren't punished when made and Blackpool missed some good openings too including hitting the woodwork.

City, though, can point to Hasselbaink twice failing to score when clear on goal, Ledley hitting the bar and McPhail making the Blackpool keeper produce an outstanding point blank save after a sweeping move.

What it means is that City are now upto 15th, 6 points and vastly better goal difference from the relegation berths and 7 form the play-offs. The points tally has jmped to 26, more than half needed to retain Championship staus, before the halfway stage is reached.

Next is the bubble trip to Wurzle-land and Lee Turndle this Saturday, I recally can't wait!