Saturday, January 30, 2010

Jones pleased with win and support in diffcult week

** Jones hails Cardiff fans **
Cardiff City manager Dave Jones tells BBC Wales football reporter Rob Phillips
why he pleased that Cardiff fans stuck by their team despite the off-the-field
problems at the club as they beat Doncaster 2-1 this afternoon.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Excellent article on the life and times of Peter Ridsdale

Well worth a read >

Chops attacked at the Toon

This morning's Daily Mirror are reporting that Cardiff's Michael Chopra was attacked by a Newcastle fan whilst watching them on Wednesday night.

It's claimed the striker was asked to have his photo taken with a home fan who then turned, asked his "What's it like to play for Sunderland?" and spat in his face. Chops apparently hit the man back and the fan was removed.

Chopra said: “He spat in my face and I did what I had to do to defend myself. He was bang out of order. He asked me for a photo and I agreed to that but then he started videoing me and asking me why I had played for Sunderland and what it was like to play for them. He spat in my face and called me names and then I had to get him off me. I don’t know if anyone from the club got hold of him after that but I did not involve the stewards or the police. The fan was completely out of order. All I did was get him off me."

So how do net and gross differ Dick???

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Cardiff City's Circus of Horrors ... all the freaks are out!

A touring freak show, The Circus of Horrors, has been travelling around South Wales this week but they must be embarrassed by being outclassed by the high farce at Cardiff City.

After the club issued yesterday's nauseous club statement that 11,000 fans who bought season tickets 8 months early at Christmas under Dave Jones' pledge and Peter Ridsdale's guarantee that it would bring new players to the club could no longer be honoured, the last flickering embers of trust, respect and credibility had gone.

Overnight, this morning and through to lunchtime, strong rumours emerged that Peter Ridsdale, fully aware of the negative impact of that statement, had offered his resignation. Shortly after, a 2pm press conference was announced.

Incredibly, Ridsdale appeared to say he was continuing as Chairman with the Board and shareholders supporting him and he was committed to sorting out the current problems. He apologised if supporters felt they were misled by him. The man must have the skin of a rhino!

The full press conference, with Ridders doing his usual politician act of saying what he wanted in abundance but with little substance and avoiding straight answers to direct questions, can be heard here:

Why he called it, I don't know because it has only served to further infuriate the Cardiff support. The fact the Board have supported him means the anger will spread to others. Paul Corkery of the Supporters Trust summed up the mood and feeling perfectly in this responses interview. /listen-4984/

So evening settled, anger still seething and we didn't think the day could get any sillier but up popped Dave Sugarman on the Cardiff City messageboard with a message from Sam Hammam asking us to stay calm. This from a man who caused mutli-millions of debt at this club and still takes £80k a month out of it to get another £16M back. One poster caught my mood when he responded, "If Hammam is asking for calm, I'd better get my gun"!

But to round it off, a messageboard appeal by the man expected to have become acting Chairman and the one man on the Board that fans have some trust in, Steve Borley who also asked for calm. Borley's ill advised message follows but it predictably went down like a lead balloon.

And still nobody can confirm if the tax bill can be paid by Feb 10th. A typical day with the City then!

I have just read the post from the lone Gunman passing on a message from Sam and believe he is right. I urge supporters to be calm because the eyes are on us and the last thing we need is to give the impression we are too hot to handle. I understand the frustrations and anger amongst the fans but we need to show our passion is a positive thing and not negative. There are guenuine interest in the club and we need your help to foster it. we need to get behind the team the manager and the club in the same way we did on the Leicester game where I believe you were responsible for the 3rd and 4th goals. I called for calm before that game and thank you for the response. I never dreamt in my lifetime I would ever see a fixture list where the 2 games after saturday would be Newcastle and Chelsea. I urge you to keep the faith


Last Night's Cardiff City phone in show

Should have been celebrating the 6-0 thumping of the Wurzels. Instead, it's the worsening crisis and Ridsdale's lies at Cardiff City that are the inevitable theme.

Listen or download here >

Video Highlights - Bristol City 0 Cardiff City 6 (SIX!)

** Bristol City 0-6 Cardiff **
Michael Chopra and Ross McCormack both score twice as Cardiff hit six without
reply at Ashton Gate.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tonight's CARDIFF CITY phone in show

On a night we should be basking in an amazing 6-0 win at Bristol City and being in 4th, we have the agonies of Cardiff City in Collapse.

Listen or download here:

The Fibs and Whoppers of Peter Ridsdale

Hands Up, You're Guilty!

This list of recent quotes from our less than glorious leader should have him hanging his head in shame ..... but he's proved that he doesn't have the morals. Never mind Pete, you'll soon get to know how fans feel about it.

This compilation provided by Paul Evans aka The Other Bob Wilson

Taken from South Wales Echo 26 November 2009

“They’re [HMRC] just rattling our cage. We’ve held our hands up and given them the cash and as far as we’re concerned that’s the end of the matter. There is no issue. We’ve paid them quite a lot of money. There is a small amount outstanding and we have agreed a payment schedule.
We have sufficient funds to satisfy them and everything else we’re doing. We did have an issue, but it’s been resolved. I’m more than happy.”

Taken from South Wales Echo 1 December 2009

“TG has put in an amount of money with another amount due this week. I cannot say how much that is, but I will say it is in the millions. I have also met with Vincent Tan.
“They have asked for all the numbers regarding the club and we have given them those. They will be considered with due diligence.”
These quotes are taken from the Municipal Club meeting at which our Chairman admitted to not telling TG about the first winding up order against the club dated 25 November 2009 – when questioned as to why he hadn’t done this, the reply was along the lines of “he didn’t ask about it”.

On his exorbitant after tax wage “I make no apology and believe I am worth it,”.

Taken from Wales online website 11 August 2009

On negotiations with the Malaysians

“The deal will almost certainly include sponsorship and we are already talking about shirt sponsor, stadium naming rights and an investment.
“But I must stress you don’t do things overnight.
“It’s a case of them trusting us and getting to know what we are all about”.

Taken from South Wales Echo 6 January 2010

“We will be bringing in new players this month, I can guarantee that.
I would go so far as to say that come January 31, we will be holding a press conference to parade the players we have brought in during the month.”

Taken from Wales online website 9 January 2010

“I’m fully confident that at least three of the four will have joined us by the end of January.”

Taken from Official site 17 December 2009 (not quotes from our Chairman though,,10335,0 0.html

“And the cash that comes in will go towards bringing in players during the New Year transfer window.”

From Dave Jones (not that I blame him at all)

"I've asked the Chairman that if anybody buys a season ticket before December 31st and the club get promoted, then we should reimburse all the supporters who have bought a ticket. The money will enable us to go and get players in, it's a fanastic offer and a fantastic gesture by the board.”

Ridsdale's lies are finally exposed but leave Cardiff in ruin

After weeks, even months, of promising a debt free club, exciting takeovers, major investments with millions pumped into the club, new players, a tax bill being a minor matter, all season tickets money for next year given to Dave Jones and full refunds to fans if City get promoted, the bare-faced lies of Peter Ridsdale left him high and dry to the point where he had to retract it all today.

Publicity Pete who never needed any excuse to get in front of a camera or microphone has gone into hiding for a month and true-to-recent-form, didn't even have the balls to talk to anyone. Instead, he resorted to releasing an out of the blue press statement confirming the club is in crisis. Many of us have realised this for many weeks so it causes extreme anger but others have beemn optimists and thought everythign was alright, they will now be sickened and confused.

Collectively, no fan is going to exucse Ridsdale for what were porky pies of the highest order.

The man has gambled with the club at the expense of a stable future with no Plan B if no takeover, no promotion and no players sales. His luck ran out and his lies have caught him out.

None in the offing although some are still talking while others didn't even have the money.

Major Investments?
Nah, none of that either.

New Players?
We're not getting any

Season Tickets being used to get new players?
It's gone to pay bills and clear debts - this is next season's money already gone by the way!

Full refunds if City get to the Premier this season?
Now most unlikely

The club are now looking to sell assets but they have precious few other than players, some land and the stadium itself. Everything else is either not owned or hocked already.

There is no mention yet of whether the tax bill will be cleared and that D-Day is now 13 days away.

And, of course, what happens in the summer and next season when we've no money at all as it's spent already?

Incredibly, Peter Ridsdale intends to stay and claims to have the backing of shareholders and the Board. Well he will when he's appointed most of the hierarchy but only a handful by number can possibly support him. His respect and credibility has gone, he can never be trusted again and Cardiff City supporters will not accept his continued stay at the club.

Time's up Peter now do the right thing.

For the record, here's the press statement.

Over the last few weeks there has been much speculation with regard to the future of this Club, monies owing to the Inland Revenue and regarding incoming transfers. Until now it has not been possible to make a definitive statement about our current position but we felt that it was now appropriate to update our shareholders and supporters.

Since we acquired the Club in January 2007, the progress that has been made has been phenomenal. A new stadium, a new training headquarters, a complete restructuring of our debt and asset position resulting in positive net assets and a significant reduction in overall debt.

On the playing front we have enjoyed not only consolidation within the Championship but we achieved our highest league position finish since 1971 at the end of last season and a first FA Cup Final since 1927, in 2008.

We have undoubtedly raised expectation levels which of itself brings its own pressures and problems. The move to the new stadium ultimately incurred costs that we had not anticipated and whilst the long term health of the Club is stronger than it has ever been we have suffered some short term cash flow problems. In an attempt to negate these issues we sought new investment and during the autumn of 2009 commitments were given regarding investment which if they had been delivered would have solved our cash issues. To date these commitments have not been fulfilled so we have had to resort to other avenues of fund raising. We are currently in the process of raising funds from the sale of assets, which with other cash, will help to secure our future.

With regard to the season ticket offer pre Christmas, this offer to reimburse the ticket price if promoted this season remains a strong one. Nevertheless we had anticipated that if we launched these tickets early and had received new investment pre Christmas or in January this year as promised, we would have been able to invest in new players in the January transfer window. In the absence of the new investment this will not be possible. We have to ensure that other overheads and financial issues are properly addressed. Whilst we apologise for this, we do not apologise for ensuring that the viability and financial health of the Club is the ultimate priority.

We have had a number of groups of potential investors in discussions with the Club. These parties were looking at both partial investment as well as a potential takeover. Whilst we are still in discussions with some of these parties, others have not demonstrated the financial means to proceed. We will continue to seek investment and believe that this will be forthcoming in the not too distant future. In the meantime we will continue to do the right things to give the Club the financial means to continue the progress that has already been achieved.

There has been some suggestion that the position of the Chairman, Peter Ridsdale is being questioned by some supporters. For the avoidance of doubt, Peter has the full backing of both the Board and majority of shareholders and will continue to lead the Club to finish the job we started.

Ben Steele's B.S. initials prove to be apt

It would appear that Ben Steele has done it again. No sooner did he show up at Cardiff than he's disappeared ... exactly as I expected. However he allegedly had an all expenses paid stay, was wined and dined and had the best seats in the house all at Cardiff City's expense so who's laughing now?

Peter Ridsdale has shown himself to be an incompetent embarrassment meeting Steele in Guernsey and South Wales and taking his overtures seriously. A quick 5 minute call to Southampton would have told him all he needed, let alone basic checks. Belatedly, the club have now been forced to admit that some potential investors are still in dialogue while others (Steele is understood to be the party referred to) "have not demonstrated the financial means to proceed". What? This from a man claiming to have the £40M in the bank in cash to buy us? Surely not???

A farcical 3 week episode began with Steele doing his talking through the newspapers but never backing it up and having the gall to criticise City fans who queried his worthiness and credentials having googled him and found nothing and being consulted by Southampton fans who found the same problems and were left hugely unimpressed. How he was allowed to play it out all over again at Cardiff City's expense, only the fool that is Ridsdale would have allowed.

Lovely Pup

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Championship: Bristol City 0 CARDIFF CITY 6 (SIX!) match report

When David Marshall superbly saved and turned a Nicky Maynard howitzer of a free-kick onto the post, I just knew Cardiff City were going to win … especially as that was the only save he had to make all night and Cardiff were incredibly 6-0 ahead!

Apart from the predictable but always enjoyable “ooh aah, it’s a massacre”, it’s no wonder City fans were singing, “can we play you every week?” as this was the third successive Tuesday night the clubs played each other and Cardiff were the dominant side each time following the F.A. Cup replay win with this double league thrashing as it followed a one-sided slaying of the Wurzels in a live Sky game earlier this season.

What a contrast to Brizzle Zity being a bogey side for Cardiff throughout my life as emphasised by this being Cardiff’s first win at Trashton Gate in 42 years and 20 attempts!

Since the cup game last Tuesday, Cardiff have that fantastic 4th round win over Leicester while Bristol had the weekend off but signed 2 new players in the lightning fast and tricky Jamal Campbell-Ryce from Barnsley and striker Patrick Agyemang from QPR to give new buoyancy .. it didn’t work! As if it wasn’t entertaining enough, it also made Campbell-Ryce’s pre-match brag that “We’ll give Cardiff City a good beating” worthy of a comedy award.

Bristol City: Gerken; Orr-McAllister-Fontaine-Carey; Campbell.Ryce-Harley-Skuse-Haynes; Maynard-Agyemang.

Dave Jones had to send out his threadbare patched-up squad but was boosted by the return of Adam Matthews and Gavin Rae from injury. Captain Mark Hudson, like Campbell-Ryce, may regret his pre-match quote. He said he was fed up of playing Bristol City. He got his wish, he was on the bench! Joe Ledley, in his last game before his hip operations, was Captain for the night.

Cardiff City: Marshall; Matthews-Gerrard-Gyepes-Kennedy; Whittingham-Rae-Ledley-McCormack; Chopra-Bothroyd.

It was another bubble trip which limited the travelling support so all credit to the 700 who went … thousands of us who did not are now very envious of them.

The home side, watched by a crowd of 13,825, made a strong start and won a handful of corners but never tested Marshall although Maynard wasn’t far off with one drive but it’s Bristol’s defence that seems to crumble when Cardiff pressure them and yet again, they turned out to be a complete shambles. Even so, for Cardiff to score 3 times in 4 minutes as they did midway through the half, was just incredible.

The first was a real cock up as Chops chased a ball over the top, keeper Gerken and one of his hapless defenders banged into each other fearing Chops and the ball ran loose for PETER WHITTINGHAM to net his 18th of the season, amazingly just about half of his career total which now stands at 37.

That was on 19 minutes and just 3 minutes later, the lead was doubled as Whittingham played a ball over the defence, Gavin Rae burst beyond them and hit a terrible screwed shot from outside the box but it ran into the path of ROSS McCORMACK to bang home at the far post.

60 seconds later and it was football heaven as City made it 3-0, McCormack smashing a 60 yard pass that was perfection itself to find MICHAEL CHOPRA who drilled across Gerken and into the opposite side of goal.

City threatened and goals were in the air every time we attacked and they added a fourth by the interval as FONTAINE, with no Cardiff player near him, miscued a ball across the box past his own keeper. It was the third Bristol own goal of the season for Cardiff – thanks Wurzels!! Another fantastic stat was that it was the 7thCardiff had scored 4 or more in a league game, that is some achievement. time this season,

The home ends of the ground emptied as some went home, others went in disbelief for a pint while City fans sang their hearts out but, even so, they were still drowned by the half-time boos from home fans who were still watching on.

H/T: Wurzels 0 Cardiff 4 (FOUR)

Of course, all the talk was Peterborough away a month when Cardiff had the same interval away lead but messed up, almost unforgivably, to draw. Any thoughts lightning could strike twice were abolished when City scored yet again in the opening minute of the second half.

This time, Bothroyd’s skill to turn, hold up play and then play a pass to put Chops clear was too good again for the home defence, CHOPRA fired home his 15th of the season beating Gerken on his inside from 15 yards.

By 55 minutes, it was 6 (SIX) as a short corner saw McCormack run the ball on and then drill the hardest and lowest of shots from outside the box to comprehensively beat the home keeper.

It could have been more after that as a Chops effort was cleared off the line, others were blocked, saved or wide but the job was done and Cardiff declared and eased their way home with Feeney and Burke given late run outs.

The Bristol fans still around were left to face total humiliation with Cardiff fans taunting them mercilessly or to throw their free match programmes and other objects onto the pitch.

The result took Cardiff upto 4th and, just as importantly, back above Swansea.

Next up, Doncaster visit the stadium on Saturday and after they were hammered at home themselves tonight, should we be hopeful or fearful in this topsy turvy Championship? For now, brilliant night Cardiff and thank you for making me 10 foot tall.

Last Night's Cardiff City Phone-In

Reviews the fantastic cup win over Leicester City at the weekend and the 5th round draw sending us up the Kings Road to Chelsea, previews tonight's league game at Bristol City and talks about the continued troubles off the pitch. You'll even hear me in the first half hour you lucky things!


British Bobsleigh Team making an arse of themselves

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Video of the Week - ELVIS COSTELLO, I don't want to go to Chelsea

Speak for yourself Elvis, I will be there!!! Cracking tune and brilliant version here recorded just 2 weeks ago. The group and himself can still kick it.

Cardiff at Chelsea in F.A. Cup Round 5!

Liverpool, Arsenal and Manchester United are all gone from the F.A. Cup but Cardiff City proudly marched on the last last 16 and were duly rewarded in today's Fifth Round draw when they were drawn away at Premiership leaders Chelsea.

Those those who wonder abo0ut omens Cardiff were F.A. Cup[ runners-up in 1925 before wiinning it in 1927 when they beat Chelsea after a replay in Cardiff en route. Atfer being runners up in 2008, who do we get away in 2010 ... yep Chelsea.

It will be the first F.A. Cup game between the sides since that 1927 match up and Cardiff's first visit to Stamford Brdige since a 2-0 league defeat in 1983 in monsoon conditions (I'm still drying out from that day!). However the sides met in a League Cup tie in 1986 when a shock 2 goal Nicki Platenauer salvo knocked out the West Londoners.

It's a costly satart to the month for City fans, many of us having a weekend in Newcastle to start February. The game is set to be played on Valentine's Day subject to tv screening ... the missus will need good flowers this year.

F.A. Cup 4 - Cardiff City 4 Leicester 2 in pictures

Home Made Rollercoaster

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Bothroyd tells Swans, "Jack Off"

I was ready to ignore yesterday's story of Swansea City making an 'audacious' bid for Jay Bothroyd as it is the silly season, mischief making and there was no story.

Swans chairman Huw Jenkins is supposed to have enquired with City boss Dave Jones but realising he didn't have the funds to make a reasonable bid, didn't offer. However he seemed keen to let the press know about it which had Swansea fans gloating.

However in a classic response, Jay Bothroyd told the Cardiff City official website that he was 'embarrassed' by the story and Swansea's interest adding' "You can kill that story off - I won't be going there. It's embarrassing, I'm happy at Cardiff".

That has to be the only bit of sense in the whole comedic episode.

Drunk of the Day

Friday, January 22, 2010

So what do you get if you do "Google" Ben Steele??

In the words of Edwin Starr's War ... Absolutely Nothing!

Don't believe me? Try it for yourself.

However the would be investor/new owner told the South Wales Echo, "“Anybody who Googles my name can see what I am about." Oh yeah??? Where???

Steele was apparently in Cardiff yesterday for a day of talks with Peter Ridsdale and may be at the Leciester City F.A. Cup game later.

However he continued his unusual theme of doing his talkiing through the newspapers upset by internet questions about his motives, whether he has the wealth and his ability.

Got to confess, I don't like the way he has conducted himself, my gut feeling is that he is a chancer (sorry, can't help thinking that) and the only thing we really do know about him is that he made a rather bizarre, farcical some would say, attempt to take on Southampton last year and flew out almost quicker than he arrived. Southampton fans and their Trust were left deeply unimpressed and this is bound to resonate.

However it is fair to say that there are plenty of City fans understandably willing to wait and see what happens next and how this develops, reserving all judgements until then.

Fact is however, if Steele had not run to the papers talking about himself and kept it all confidential, then nobody would be talking about him.

He was in a feisty mood responding to internet and messageboard criticisms, some of which have come from me so my neck and gut feel is on the block! ;>)

“I seem to be getting abuse from a few Cardiff City fans. Why? They don’t know me and don’t know much about me. They ask do I have the money? If I have, where did I get the money? And there are detrimental comments from people who don’t know what’s going on."

“That disappoints me. I was angered by some of the comments made by people who simply don’t know me and don’t seem to want to give me a chance. I have sold an awful lot of cars over many years and I am into property investment and development. It’s not a secret, but I did get a bit wound up after looking on the internet.”

Steele repeated he has the money to buy the club but, for the first time, suggested he will not rush into any deal.

Meantime, Cardiff City claim to still be talking to Malaysians and Amercians, the transfer window shuts firm in 9 days (Peter's parade of new players seems as far away as ever) and the tax winding up order is due to be heard in 18 days.

There's a ticking time bomb and the fuse is getting shorter!!

Dennehy A-Loane Again

Darren Dennehy (or Darren Who? most Cardiff City fans would ask) is off on his loan travels again ... this time to Gillingham.

Dennehy, snapped up as a free gamble prospect, by Dave Jones in the summer of 2008 has never progressed with The Bluebirds and clearly will be sold or released - whichever comes first.

Without ever appearing for Cardiff, he was sent on loan spells totalling 9 months to Hereford United last and this term but that was hardly a wild success either with the centre half amasssing just 11 appearences in total.

He will be hoping for better fortunes in Kent. Good Luck Darren.

He's taking the p***

Former Arsenal keeper Jans Lehamn leaves the pitch dueing a Champions League game for Stuttgart against Unirea to have a pee!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Steele to CCFC doubters - I can buy you with my cash alone

Ben Steele 0901571
Tattooed Love Boy

Ben Steele seems to have a liking of telling the media telling us he wants to buy Cardiff City and can do it but he isn't showing it.

Guernsey press are now reporting how forums are understandably doubting both the man and his credentials. Having walked away from Southampton when apparently asked to 'show us the money' last year, those thoughts are here again.

Apart from a distinct lack of seemingly verifiable details, a none too professional look, no experience whatsover of being in a sizeable business and a feeling it needs more than any one man with no to sort out the club, Steele failed to attend his publicised visit to watch Cardiff play Bristol City this week claiming his daughter had a fall at home.

Steele is now supposed to be meeting Peter Ridsdale tomorrow but after hearing of supporter internet claims, he answered, "I’ve got enough cash in the bank to buy this club, I just don’t give off a lot of wealth".

Instantly, my gut feel and own personal doubts are raised to a higher level again! Prove me wrong then Ben.

Skill of the Week (at Bellamy's expense)

Tonight's CARDIFF CITY phone in show

Talks about all things Cardiff City including last night's Cup win over the Wurzels and other football matters but, of course sadly, also City's ongoing off the field problems.

**Thanks to messageboard user ThornhillBlue for providing these downloads

Time for a Work Out

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Miley Cyrus sounds great

The Ginger Eminem

DJ thrilled with Cup win and efforts

** Jones hails fantastic Cardiff **
Cardiff manager Dave Jones described his side's

FA Cup third round replay win over Bristol City as “fantastic”.

Politics just got interesting

Got to enjoy this rant by Paul Gogarty in the Irish Parliament. No tie, no top button done up and he swears like the rest of us. Go on Paul!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

F.A. Cup Round 3 Replay: Cardiff City 1 Bristol City 0 - match report

It took the funniest of own goals to separate the sides but the Wurzels from over the bridge were a well beaten side by Cardiff City in a Third Round F.A. Cup replay and were second best in both games. This was a surprisingly entertaining encounter in which ever blue shirted player acquitted themselves well.

Bradley Orr is the new hero for Bluebirds fans and he was unable to get out of the way of a Michael Chopra shot rebounding off the post and helplessly sent it into an empty net. The goal, on 74 minutes, was the same time when City scored in the first leg but this time there was no way back for Brizzle. They weren’t good enough and Cardiff weren’t letting them back this time.

Cardiff shaded a quiet first half but dominated after the break and only a combination of great saves, bad luck and bad misses prevented a decisive margin while David Marshall never really had a save on a night when City’s side had a makeshift look and had to be adjusted throughout the game as well. All credit to them.

Any lingering doubts that the F.A. Cup has lost some sparkle would have been dispelled by the sparsest of crowd later announced as 6,731 which included 600 from Bristol. A combo of current mood at the club, the game live on tv (as well as a Manc derby) and having to find £20 at short notice in January knowing we’d have to pay it all over again for Saturday if we win tonight were key reasons for the turn out. Those there, on a chilly evening, thoroughly enjoyed themselves regardless.

Cardiff looked unbalanced at the start with McNaughton out injured (Paul Quinn had to deputise on the left side of defence with Capaldi cup tied and Kennedy recovering from illness), Hudson injured but on the bench (a rare start for Gyepes), 17 yr old Wildig having to battle it out in midfield and Chopra on the bench due to illness (giving McCormack a start with long sleeves and gloves on, the Scottish wuss!). It would have been Joe’s final game of the season had we lost as he goes for his hop op on Monday and Jay Bothroyd was Captain for the night.

CARDIFF: Marshall; Matthews-Gyepes-Gerrard-Quinn; Burke-Wildig-Ledley-Whittingham; Bothroyd-McCormack.

Bristol enjoyed a 4-2 home win over Doncaster at the weekend to follow their last gasp reprieve against City last week but were missing the pacy Danny Haynes up front who took a knock in that game.

BRIZZLE ZITY: Gerken; Fontaine-Carey-Nyatanga-Orr; McAllister-Skuse-Hartley-Sproule; Sno-Maynard.

The first half did not have too many telling moments as Bristol pressed and passed well but never threatened apart from Sproule lobbing over the bar but Cardiff always have that extra touch of quality which you felt would tell eventually. Chances fell for Ross McCormack but he seemed more intent on lobs and chips instead of power, a Whittingham piledriver had Gerken in trouble but he pushed the ball behind while McCormack fired at him when he had the whole goal to aim at. Chops was close as he flicked the ball over the last defender and fired a shot just over which would have been a terrific goal had it gone in.

The pitch looked in a very poor state thanks to the recent weather and, no doubt, the rugby being played on the pitch although it appeared to play pretty well and caused few problems.

The threadbare nature of the side was underlined on the half hour as Cardiff had to adjust half their side as Wildig, again doing the basics very well, was forced off injured which saw Chops come on, McCormack drop back to play wide, Burke switching wings and Whitts put into central midfield. However City appeared to adjust well without threatening again.

The funniest moment of the half was Paul Quinn, struggling to adapt to playing on the left, taking out a Bristol He then claimed the Bristol player dived and he got to the ball … I was closer to it at the back of the stand than he was! player with a tackle as late as a Cardiff Bus and so crude, Phil Dwyer would have approved.

Half-time: Cardiff 0 Carrot Crunchers 0

Bristol were fairly physical in their approach and Adam Matthews was another hurt early in the 2nd half. He carried on for some time but held his groin throughout as Cardiff continued to take the game to the visitors.

City had attacking quality but Whitts, Chops, Burke, Bothroyd and McCormack all left themselves down with wayward shots, mis-control or just failing to make the final pass. However Cardiff lifted their tempo a notch and so did the crowd.

Bristol responded with a double sub on the hour, Akinde showing scary pace but also crudeness with some of his challenges, he was lucky to get away with one on Marshall.

City had to adjust again with 25 to go as Burke went off, Darcy Blake went into centre mid and Whitts returned wide. City, ironically, benefitted form it as Peter Whittingham was playing some fantastic diagonal and through balls from that position.

Chances came and went, the worst culprit possibly Jay Bothroyd who met a Marshall long kick, held off the last defender, got past the keeper but then over run the ball put of play.

However the breakthrough came with 16 minutes left in hysterical fashion as Whitts again played in Chops – who would have scored at least 3 on another night. He looked certain to score but screwed his shot onto the outside of the post but was clearly playing it for ORR to turn it home for us.

The first inside the stadium problem occurred when it looked like Bristol and Cardiff fans were getting ready to square up but it turned out to be visiting supporters fighting amongst themselves and ejected to a chorus of “sit down and behave yourselves”.

City went for Bristol and should have added at least a couple more to their tally. How they didn’t, I can’t explain. Bristol looked ragged with Chopra having them in disarray but more Gerken saves, more glaring misses, McCormack almost breaking the bar in two with one thunderous effort and other chances, saves and misses kept Bristol in it until the last kick including 4 minutes of added time. There were a couple of anxious moments but surprisingly few.

Cardiff now face Leicester at home this Saturday. They get £73,000 prize money for progressing through Round 3 but they must now be eyeing up further progression and a possible glamour tie in the last 16. They may not be going away but at least it can make us forget off the pitch troubles for a little while. Amen to that!

Jay Bothroyd interview ahead of the Bristol City F.A. Cup replay

Jay talks about all things Cardiff City ... and his recent illness.

** Bothroyd dismisses FA Cup bid **
Cardiff City striker Jay Bothroyd explains to BBC Wales football reporter Rob
Phillips why he feels the league is more important than the FA Cup.


So cold even the pandas feel it

Monday, January 18, 2010

Ridsdale Does It Again ...... barks up the wrong tree, that is

Simple Simon says
Put your hands on your head
if you can't be open and honest with fans!

The Cardiff City side show continues unabated as Peter Ridsdale, unwittingly or not, has become embroiled in a race row and decided to give an exclusive interview to The Echo after almost a fortnight of self-imposed silence. The race row is simply laughable but what pees me off most is that he dealt with all that while still not taking a moment to clarify just what the hell is going on at our football club?

"I won't be driven out of Cardiff City" said The Riddler - this from a man who offered to resign, AGAIN, just a couple of weeks ago.

Sister Sunday papers, The Express and Star, both reported remarks from Ridsdale and Dave Jones talking about City fans being anti-English, one report suggesting that theme was against them. The same journo wrote the story for both papers, one was clearly "sexed up" to be controversial - the tone and who made the remarks was changed.

Ridsdale even had the gall to suggest a small section of fans are against him because of his time with Leeds. You what??

There's a million reasons to dislike Ridsdale at present if you're a Cardiff fan, his time at Leeds is comfortably bottom of his charge sheet. Well behind his promises and fantasies, two winding up orders, bringing our club into disrepute, his pledge to 11,000 fans who bought their season tickets 8 months early and for what. I could go on ... and on ... and on.

Shame on Ridsdale for thinking this even matters at present and shame on The Echo for devoting front page and inisde pages for the bilge without bothering to ask one single questions about the real issues and concerns at present.

Tonight's Cardiff City Phone-In

Reviews the weekend draw at Scunthorpe, previews tomorrow's F.A. Cup replay against Bristol City but, most of all, remains very worried about what is happening at the club and with increasing discontent towards Peter Ridsdale.

Listen or Download via this link:

Video Highlights - Scunthorpe 1 Cardiff City 1

** Scunthorpe 1-1 Cardiff **

A deflected Peter Whittingham strike denies Scunthorpe all three
points in an entertaining tussle at Glanford Park (UK only).

Biff's Question Song

I like this - the guy who played Biff in Back to the Future sings about the questions he still gets asked every single day.